Custom Commercial Area Rug Collections for Hotels & Hospitality Applications from Modern Rugs.

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At, we work to help you make your hospitality environment beautiful by providing luxurious, custom rugs of superb commercial quality. We have been at the forefront of commercial and hospitality floor coverings for over a decade, with our team providing extraordinary quality handmade rugs for every space.

Hospitality design is constantly evolving. That's why we make it our mission to develop the most cutting-edge products, the most innovative project solutions, and the fastest lead-times.

Browse our beautiful rugs by weave and find the perfect quality for your next project.


The highest quality area rugs and carpets available today. Handmade with pure Tibetan wool and silk.

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Truly a product with no peer. A beautiful pairing of hand-made finishing and durability. This is our go-to for commercial interiors.

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These state-of-the-art rugs are made with dye-injection technology. Experience limitless colors, crisp defined details, and a durable construction.

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Axminster carpets offer unique possibilities in both color and design. It allows for complexity and intricacy without sacrificing precision.

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State of the art carpeting for public spaces, guest rooms, corridors, and more.

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Our beautiful shag rugs are created to meet the design trend to luxurious and innovative textures in today's interior decorating schemes.

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These gorgeous textured rugs bring an organic, bohemian look to hospitality interiors. Perfect for guest rooms.

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These beautiful contract quality rugs bring texture and visual interest into commercial spaces without sacrificing durability.

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