Custom Commercial Area Rug Collections for Hotels & Hospitality Applications from Modern Rugs.

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At, we work to help you make your hospitality environment beautiful by providing luxurious, custom rugs of superb commercial quality. We have been at the forefront of commercial and hospitality floor coverings for over a decade, with our team providing extraordinary quality handmade rugs for every space.

Hospitality design is constantly evolving. That's why we make it our mission to develop the most cutting-edge products, the most innovative project solutions, and the fastest lead-times.

Browse our curated design collections below to find the perfect style for your next project.


Abstract patterns lend themselves well to modern rugs. Some may take influence from elements of nature, like weathered rock faces, or flowing streams. Modern abstract rugs take many forms, making them a versatile choice for any interior.

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Pop Art carpets feature unique slices of pop culture from any time period that you want. These unique rug designs make THE statement, creating an edgy atmosphere in any space.

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Minimalist rugs will create a light and airy feel in any room. Select from a variety of colors to match your contemporary style.

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Solid area rugs are the perfect way to add an alluring punch of color to your commercial space while still keeping an elegant feel of simplicity. These rugs can be made in any color you desire.

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With endless variety of different unique patterns, these rugs are perfect for any space.

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Erotic imagery boldly demands attention and envelops the room in a world of sensuality that begs to be explored. The DARE Collection is commanding, brash, and provocative. What DARE will provoke, however, is up to you.

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These unique rug designs add a modern flare to any commercial space. Make a bold statement and attract attention with one of our customizable modern rugs.

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These rugs are both beautiful and inspirational. Choose one with the perfect feel for your commercial space, or customize and add a quote all your own. The possibilities are endless.

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With subtle botanical imagery in unexpected colors, our floral rug collection provides a connection to nature with elegance and sophistication.

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Add a touch of traditional design with a modern flare to your commercial space. Our wide variety of transitional rug designs are fully customizable to suit your project's exact needs.

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Traditional rugs bring elegance and sophistication into any space. Explore our wide array of fully customizable designs and find the perfect one to elevate your project.

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You can't go wrong with a striped rug. These simple and clean designs work in any space, while still making a bold flooring statement.

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Simple, subtle, and sophisticated, a bordered rug can work in any commercial space. Our top of the line quality makes even these simple rugs exquisite.

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